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How to Register

Northern Utah Middle School Teams

Read the ENTIRE page CAREFULLY. Select boys or girls team button below.

You will be redirected to our partner's site Universal Tennis (UTR).

Sign in or create an account

If you're a new member, click "Join" in the top right corner and create an account for YOUR CHILD. If you're a returning member and aren't signed in, please do so.

*If you're registering more than one child, you must make a separate profile with a separate unique email address for each child. In the child's UTR profile settings there is an option to include a parent/guardian email. Please add that as well.

Select your child's division

Select the team that corresponds to the high school your child will attend, or the school whose boundary you live in. If that school is not listed, then select whichever team is closest to you.

Follow instructions on UTR to make payment and complete the registration process. While registering for this event, you will be given the option to opt out of becoming  a member of the UYT Club. DO NOT opt out
. For us to record your scores on UTR, you need to be a member of the UYT Club.

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