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Our Mission

Our mission at UYT is to make tennis more affordable and accessible for every child and help tennis popularity EXPLODE in Utah. The level of tennis interest in Utah and throughout the country has always been low compared to other sports, especially for kids. This is mostly because of lack of accessibility. In the past, a child looking to learn and compete in tennis has had very few options. They basically had to pay a private instructor or join a local tennis club. It can be very expensive, and until now there has been very few options to compete outside of USTA tournaments, and not many real options to compete in tennis on a team before high school.

We at UYT are trying to change all of that. In 2015 we launched the Utah Youth Team Tennis League. We started in the Provo area, and formed middle school teams that could play against other teams (in a very similar format to high school tennis). We finished the season with some awesome post-season tournaments. We had huge turnouts from kids of all skill levels, and the kids and parents absolutely loved it. We've now expanded into all of Provo, Alpine, Nebo, Wasatch, Juab, Canyons, Jordan, Tooele, Iron County, Washington, Davis, Box Elder, and Cache County school districts. We've expanded our programs to include classes/leagues for grades K-12, as well as some adult classes. We have now worked with tens of thousands of players of all ages and skill levels, and have grown to the largest tennis club in the state of Utah, and one of the largest in the U.S.

Our goal is to give every child an affordable and accessible opportunity to play organized team tennis and to learn and excel in a safe and fun sport that they can play for their entire life. 

Meet the Team

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