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  • Q: When will I find out who my child’s coach is?
    A: Coaches will reach out to players the week before the season starts via email and Slack to introduce themselves.
  • Q: What does the schedule look like during the season?
    A: In the Fall and Spring season players will practice twice a week and have one weekly match. Finalized practice times, days, and locations are generally announced 1-2 weeks before the season starts.
  • Q: How are team lineups made?
    A: In tennis, each team has a line-up. It is basically a list that ranks the players in order from best (Varsity) to beginners (Exhibition). When we play another team, our varsity plays their varsity (in order), or JV vs. their JV, our Exhibition vs. their Exhibition. This way, everyone is playing someone similar to their skill level. Tennis is not very fun if you are either way better or way worse than you opponent. At the beginning of the season, you will have an intra-team match, where players will play their teammates. This helps each coach get an idea of where everyone falls on the ladder. Throughout the season, the ladder will change dramatically based on a number of factors, some of them being: what your coach sees during practice, what they see during matches/match results, challenge matches, and mid-season tournament.
  • Q: What equipment does my child need to participate?
    A. Each child needs their own tennis racket, athletic shoes (preferable court shoes), and weather-appropriate athletic clothing. For beginners, there's no need to go out and buy a super expensive racket. However, we do highly recommend something that the racket is age/size appropriate, and not super old. Click here for more information about what size of racket may be ideal for your child.
  • Q: When do sign ups close?
    A: You may sign up at any point regardless if the season has already started. Late Registration usually begins 3 weeks before the season starts with an additional late fee. Sometimes teams fill up and we close registration for certain teams.
  • Q: What skill level is required?
    A: No skill level is required, beginner, intermediate, and advanced players are all welcome. We try to give each player meaningful experiences at practices based on their skill level. For matches, each team has a team ladder, with top players playing against each other and the format continues on down.
  • Q: Are the age limits fixed or is there flexibility?
    A: We use age limits as a guide but if your child would be more comfortable/have a better fit in a different age group, then you are welcome to sign them up for that different age category.
  • Q: What do the end of season tournaments entail?
    A: The Elementary league is divided into varsity and JV/exhibition tournaments. Each player is guaranteed two matches at their assigned tournament, with a first, second and third place awarded. The middle school leagues are divided into varsity, JV, and exhibition tournaments. Varsity has three tournament levels, regions, sectionals, and state. Top players from regions move to sectionals/state. JV and exhibition play a regional tournament where they are guaranteed two matches, with a first, second, and third place awarded.
  • Q: What is your policy on switching teams.
    A: If you have accidently signed up for the incorrect team or need to switch teams due to practice times, carpools, etc. You can contact customer service for help moving to the correct team.
  • Q: Policy on refunds if finalized practice times and locations don’t work for a player’s schedule.
    A: We offer a full refund for players whose schedule conflicts with the finalized practice times and location. Please contact customer service for help with that refund.
  • Q. I'm not happy with my child's lineup. What can be done?
    A. We understand that it is a big deal for some players to play either varsity or junior varsity. Us as coaches have played on a lot of different teams and we know the feeling. Coaches try to be as fair as possible with player positioning. Coaches want to win matches so they will try to make a line-up that can accomplish that goal. THE LINEUP IS NOT PERMANENT!! Teams will have an intra-team match at the beginning of the season to get a starting line-up, but it will look nothing like the end of the year line-up. It will change almost every single week based on what your coach sees in practice, challenge matches, and match performance. If a varsity player loses a match pretty badly and a JV player kills their opponent, coaches can do some moving around with those positions. This is for everyone's benefit, that way everyone will play opponents that are similar to their level. If your son/daughter doesn't like singles or doubles and wants to ONLY play the other one, we are sorry but that's not how it works. Coaches will not change a player to singles or doubles based on preference. If your player chooses to pursue tennis further on, they will have to play all kinds of positions with a spectrum of partners, that is the nature of tennis. If you do have concerns about your players position on the ladder, you may talk to your coach and have a chat about the situation. We want everyone to have a good season and be playing in the position they deserve.
  • Q: Do you provide team uniforms?
    A: We do not provide uniforms anymore. Your coach may organize the team to order uniforms, but it is not mandatory. We strongly encourage parents help the coach by taking the lead in figuring out team uniforms, if desired. We also offer Utah Youth Tennis uniforms/merchandise that can be found at this website:
  • Q: How does tennis scoring work?
    A: There are a couple of rule changes that our league uses that are a little different from traditional tennis. If you or your player doesn't already know traditional scoring, there are tons of websites and YouTube videos out there that will teach you about scoring and rules. Your coach will also be going over everything for the first week or two. At UYT, we play NO-AD scoring. This is very different for a lot of people. Instead of a game getting to deuce, then having to win two points in a row, we play that whoever wins the next point, wins the game. This helps with match length so we can get everyone on the courts before it gets dark. Additionally, for matches to 8, we do a tiebreak at 7-7 instead of 8-8; and for matches to 6, we do a tiebreak at 5-5 instead of 6-6.
  • Q: What do I need to do if my player needs to be transferred to another team?
    A: You will need to message our customer service team member Cassie at It should be no problem to get you switched where you need to be.
  • Q: What do I do if I know my child has to miss a practice?
    A: You don't have to do anything. Practices are not mandatory. This goes for make-up practices as well. Your coach will appreciate if you let them know when you will be out of town.
  • Q: What if my child can't attend a make up practice? (Rain is usually the only reason we would cancel a practice.)
    A: We understand that everyone has a life outside of tennis, and that many people are unable to make it to practices that are at a different time. Coaches plan to reschedule at their soonest availability, but we share the courts so we are limited in the flexibility of when we can hold the make-up practices. You do not need to let your coach know if your player is unable to make it. Practices are not mandatory, this includes make-up practices. But they do appreciate the communication. :)
  • Q: What do I need to do if my player is going to be late/has to leave early from a practice?
    A: That is not a problem, just keep your coach in the loop.
  • Q: What happens if it rains?
    A: Tennis is a unique sport due to the fact that it CANNOT be played in the rain. It makes it so that the balls don't bounce at all, and can actually ruin the balls and make them unusable. Your coach is the one that makes the decision on whether or not the rain is enough to cancel a practice/match. APPROXIMATELY one hour before the practice or match is suppose to start, they will send out an announcement through slack that it is cancelled. If you do not hear from your coach, assume that you are going to practice! THERE IS NO NEED TO ASK your coach, they will let you know if it's cancelled. It wouldn't hurt to text your children and let them know. Teams are guaranteed 10 practices (8 for elementary), but are scheduled for 12 (10 for elementary) to accommodate potential weather/conflicts. If you end up with all 12 practices, then congrats! If the team has to cancel more than twice due to conflict or weather, then practices will be made up at a time when the courts and coaches are available. If a match is cancelled, it will be rescheduled for the very next practice time. (For example, if the Middle School Friday match is cancelled, it would be held during the next practice time, which would be Monday at 3:30) It will be at the same location that the match was going to be at originally. You will still need to let your coach know if you player is going to be absent for the rescheduled match time.
  • Q: What is the policy for canceling practices due to inclement weather?
    A: Our policy is we will not cancel practice until one hour before. The coaches will reach out and let parents know via Slack. Teams are guaranteed 10 practices (8 for elementary), but are scheduled for 12 (10 for elementary) to accommodate potential weather/conflicts. If you end up with all 12 practices, then congrats! If the team has to cancel more than twice due to conflict or weather, then practices will be made up at a time when the courts and coaches are available.
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