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UVT Youth Summer Camps 

2018 Summer Camps
Summer Camp Registration will begin Wednesday, April 18. Space is limited as we restrict the number of players we can have per session. Registration is first come, first served, so you'll want to register early to get the time and location you want. We'll have 4 locations for summer camps this year, with 2 sessions per location. Our Yellow Ball camps are open to players going into grades 7-12*; Orange Ball camps are open to players going into grades 4th-6th*, and Red Ball camps are open to players going into grades K-3rd*. More details on that below.
*Exceptions can be made for younger players with more experience.

Why participate in the summer camps?
The team tennis leagues that we run during the spring and fall for middle schoolers and 4th-6th graders are designed to provide players with opportunities to play more organized tennis and compete in matches. We work to get the players and teams ready for their match competitions and introduce and familiarize them with the team tennis format. We hope and expect that they will gain some technical instruction along the way, but that is not the main purpose.

Our summer camps, in contrast, are the exact opposite. Objective #1 of the summer camps is to teach the students proper fundamental and advanced technique, with more instruction and smaller coach-to-player ratios. 
During each session, players will be assigned to groups of around 4 players, based on skill level, and their assigned instructor will teach, refine, and drill proper form and technique for each player depending on his or her needs and the area of focus for that day. We then do short games to practice implementing and solidifying the changes that were worked on. We also spend some time focused on tennis fitness and athleticism. For the players who utilize these camps we see great growth and improvement in their tennis ability.
Camp Details are below.
Yellow Ball Camps (grades 7-12)

Each location will have 2 sessions of, Monday-Thursday (Friday and Saturday are makeup days).

Session 1 - 7:30 to 10:30am

Session 2 - 10:00am to 1:00pm
We'll have 5 weeks of Yellow Ball camps, which each week focusing on a different area of tennis. It is best if players register for all weeks they are available to participate, since each week builds on the previous, and each area of tennis is equally important. If a player has to miss a week it is not a problem, and they will receive supplemental instruction during the other weeks.

Week 1 June 4-7 - Title: "Groundstroke Mastery" 

Week 2  June 11-14 - Title: "Pinpoint Power Serves and Returns"

Week 3 June 18-21 - Title: "Complete Net Game"

Week 4 June 25-28 - Title: "Dominant Doubles Strategy"

Week 5 July 9-12 - Title: "Ultimate Singles Strategy"

$60 per week - 12 hours of instruction per week

Orange Ball Camps  (grades 4-6)

Each location will also have Orange Ball camps

Details: June-July Orange Ball  (going into 4th - 6th grade) Tennis Camp

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-12pm (Fridays and Saturdays are makeup days)

Month 1: June 5-28

Month 2: July 10 - August 2

$110 per month

Red Ball Camps (grades K-3)

Each location will also have Red Ball camps

Details: June-July Red Ball (going into K - 3rd grade) Tennis Camp

Twice per week, for one hour each day - Mondays and Wednesdays, 10-11am (Fridays and Saturdays are makeup days)

Month 1: June 4-27

Month 2: July 9 - August 1

$60 per month




Space is limited so sign up quickly! 
Contact Director Rob Allen if you have any questions.
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