(2022 Info Coming Soon)

Fall 2021 Tournaments

Pickleball Tournaments

Pickleball tournaments will be taking place on Saturdays at Viewpoint Middle School in Lehi.
For doubles, players can either bring their own partner (both partners need to be registered), or they can come on their own and be assigned a partner at the tournament. Registration for the tournament will close the day before the tournament at 11.59 am (right before noon).
Players are allowed to play up in the tournament but not down. For example, a 6th grader can play in the 7th-12th grade division, but a 7th grader can not play in the 4th-6th grade division. 

7th-12th Grade
Division 1: Advanced players
Division 2: Intermediate players
Division 3: Beginner players

4th-6th Grade
Division 1: Upper level players
Division 2: Lower level players
November 20th - Doubles Tournament (with or without your own partner)

For questions or help you can email Saige Francis at uyt.tournaments@gmail.com