Info about 2022 Tournaments TBA

Summer 2021 Tennis Tournament Series

Join us for a day of Tennis Fun, Free Food, and Prizes!
  • The schedule for the tournaments this summer is as follows: 

    • Singles:​ 
      May 25, 2019
      June 8, 2019
      June 22, 2019
      July 5, 2019
      July 20, 2019
      August 3, 2019

    • Doubles: 
      June 1, 2019
      June 15, 2019
      June 29, 2019
      July 6, 2019
      July 13, 2019
      July 27, 2019                                                                                                                          *Depending on weather and registration numbers, there may be more tournaments added on Fridays.

  • Tournaments will take place at the new Provo High School, starting at 10 a.m. for most people (see next bullet point). The address for the courts is 1199 Lakeshore Dr, Provo, UT 84601. ​

  • Based upon registration numbers there could be different start times or multiple locations. Look for an email the night before the tournament that has your estimated start time. There will be wait times between each match, the length of which depends on the number of participants.

  • It is double elimination and you will keep playing as you keep winning. All players will play multiple matches against multiple opponents.

  • The tournament could take 4-6 hours in total.

  • Only $15 per player for singles. $10 for doubles (Only one person will register and pay $20 for the doubles team, there is a place to include the names of both players. The partner can then pay them back for their $10.)

  • Registration will close the Thursday before the tournament at noon. 

  • There are 4 divisions in each category that you can sign up for based on ability and experience.

  • Registration for the upcoming tournament will be posted by the Sunday before.

  • The age limit is usually 11-19, though we will have a couple of no age restriction tournaments. 

  • Click one of the buttons below to register.

  • We hope to have a tournament every week over the summer!



  • Division 1 - High School Varsity level players, Top High School JV level players, Very top Middle School varsity players

  • Division 2 - High School JV level players, Middle School Varsity level players

  • Division 3 - High School Exhibition/Alternate level players, Middle School JV level players

  • Division 4 - Beginners, Middle School Exhibition/Alternate level players


If the registration website doesn't work you can email Joshua Hunt at about registering.